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Freeze Drying Problem Solving and Optimisation
With only 3 process variables, there ought to be few problems in freeze drying.  But if the temperature is too high, the pressure not right, or the time too short, then problems do arise.  This may happen during process cycle development, in scaling up, in transferring from one dryer to another, or even from batch to batch variation during manufacture.  From our understanding of the materials science of freeze drying, we can identify how your process can be optimised, and where you are crossing the edges of failure.  Moving your product forward by applying our know-how to your data.

Process Development
In early development, time is better spent testing the product than developing a freeze drying formulation and process cycle by trial and error.  At taPrime based upon knowledge of your product and its properties, and of your primary packaging, we will determine a freeze drying cycle that will work - first time!  Working from sound scientific principles, we develop rational cycles that are scalable during development and can be justified to regulatory authorities when necessary.

Formulation Development
Everybody would like a product that is room temperature stable and has a processing time of less than 24 hours.  Unfortunately this is rarely possible.  At taPrime, working with our customers, we use our knowledge of materials science and physical chemistry to optimise both product stability and process parameters, getting you the best product possible in the shortest time possible.

Subject Matter Expertise
There are some areas where the services of a subject matter expert can be critical to success.  In patent prosecution, or litigation, understanding the fine detail and the historical context can make the difference between success and failure.  In due diligence work, relating to the acquisition of new products, what are the difficulties and risks involved in taking this product through to commercial scale manufacture?  These are just some of the areas where our combination of materials science, technical know-how and experience will guide you to the right decision.

In House training Courses
The "Principles and Practice of Freeze Drying" is a 2 day course that relates the underlying principles of physics and chemistry to the practicalities of developing and manufacturing freeze dried products.  It is based on the premise that once the product is frozen, nothing can be done to improve quality, but if the drying is not carried out with due care the quality will be impaired!  The course is suitable for training up to 25 people, and includes case histories that illustrate the use of basic principles to solve problems.

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